ICPS 2018 Abstract Booklet

Guest Lectures

Kaarle Hämeri
University of Helsinki

Scientific basis for the decision-making processes

Markku Kulmala
University of Helsinki,
Institute of Atmospheric and Earth System Research

Atmospheric new particle formation: from molecular clustering to global climate and air quality

Mikko Möttönen
Aalto Unviersity,
Quantum Computing and Devices (QCD)

Superconducting Quantum Computer

Kate Shaw
CERN, ATLAS Experiment,
University of Sussex

Discovering the mysteries of the Universe

Jaakko Kurhila
University of Helsinki

Future of Higher Education

Student Lectures: Session I

Aug 11th, Aalto Undergraduate Center

A: Soft matter & environmentB: Mathematical and gravitational physicsC: Quantum phenomenaD: Particle physicsE: Materials physics
Y122 D124 EY228aY228bAalto Hall
10:00David Bantje
Interferometry on active emulsions

Trung Ha Quang
Tight-binding realization of a non-Hermitian Hamiltonian

Daniele Nello
How to flip a coin and get 100 times heads

Ben Jolitz
Designing scalable Monte Carlo simulations in Python

Karel Kolář
Development of scientific reasoning through challenging problems in competition "FYKOS"

10:15Ana Lomashvili
Singularities of a frozen water droplet

Diana Popescu
Production of scalar particles in magnetic fields on de Sitter space-time

Filip Sośnicki
Comparison of spectral manipulation methods

Nikola Stupar
Differential equation of motion and arrow of time

Daniel Dupkala
Importance of Involvement of College Students in Highs School Physics Education via Activities of FYKOS

10:30Verena Markmann
Micro Jet Applications

Julia Lange
Infinite-dimensional Marsden-Weinstein reduction in quantum mechanics

Tomasz Necio
Geometrical stress effects studied with use of inelastic light scattering techniques

10:45Ekaterine Dadiani
Singing paper strip

Temo Khvedelidze
Liuovilie Theory

Frane Lunić
The effect of disorder on superfluidity in one-dimensional Bose systems

Alexander J. Pfleger
Machine Aided Classification of (Audio) Signals

Daniel Lozano
Physicist AS consultants: just don't

11:15David Reinisch
Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

Folkert Nobels
Modified potentials in infinite derivative gravity theories

Tatiana Kormilina
Beyond quantum dots: a dive into the world of different shapes, heterostructures and supercrystals

Ana Luisa Carvalho
Machine Learning applied to High Energy Physics

Pawel Wojcik
Optical absorption in laser-driven far-from-equilibrium system

11:30Maija Peltola
Underlying reasons of particle number concentration biases in a global aerosol climate model

Florian Wolz
Covariant constructive gravity: The bootstrap approach

Pawel Matus
Dynamics of n:2 resonances of atoms bouncing on an oscillating mirror: toward a new class of time crystals

Matthias Dahlmanns
Simulations in Stellarator Physics

Teodor Duevski
Grain Boundary Effects in Halide Perovskites

11:45Lili Farkas
The Effect of Wet Deposition on Ground-Level Gamma Dose Rates

Serena Giardino
Black Holes as Bose-Einstein condensates of gravitons: a new perspective

Tomasz Szołdra
Harper-Hofstadter Model

Patrick Lainer
An Iterative Approach to Non-Axisymmetric Perturbations in Tokamaks

Timo Eckstein
Inelastic pondermotive scattering of electrons at an optical travelling wave – a GeV/m free space compression and acceleration scheme

Student Lectures: Session II

Aug 12th, University of Helsinki Main Building

A: Medical physics and biophysicsB: AstrophysicsC: Quantum phenomenaD: Particle physicsE: Materials physics
Hall 6Hall 7Hall 8Hall 10Hall 12
10:00Maria Katsiampa
Cancer: A Physicist’s View

Erik Johnson
Stellar Activity and Exoplanet Detection

Holger Ribergaard Heebøll
Describing quantum optics experiments using a quantum field theory

Tamas Almos Vami
Search for long-lived particles with the CMS detector at CERN

Ewelina Nowak
Optical investigation on zinc oxide for optoelectronic application

10:15Artemis Tsimperi
Radiodiagnostic devices in hospitals (thermo-luminescence dosimetry & TBI)

Gabriella Zsidi
A multiwavelength view of highly accreting young stars in Taurus

Dewan Woods
2D Photonic Crystal Bandstructures

Nicolas Barón Pérez
Development of silicon sensors for ATLAS upgrade

Tomáš Hrbek
Magnetron sputtered thin films for proton exchange membrane water electrolysis

10:30Judit Börcsök

Jacqueline Catalano
Observation of the Stellar Cluster Westerlund 1

Emil Vyff Jørgensen
Effective Field theory for interactions of Rydberg Polaritons

Anna Varsted
Reconstructing secondary particles produced in heavyion collisions at the LHC

Ivana Rilak
Dimensionality-driven orthorhombic MoTe2 at room temperature

10:45Zuzanna Lewandowska
Brain-Computer Interfaces

Sabrina Gronow
A possible progenitor of a supernova Ia: an explosion of a sub-Chandrasekhar mass white dwarf

Piotr Gładysz
Interaction of an asymmetric two-level quantum system with light

Asia Peszka
The search for antimatter, current research findings and future perspectives

Eduard Nicolae Sirjita
Thin film Shellac depositions for organic field-effect transistors

11:15Sascha Ranftl
A physicist acts as physician: How Bayesian inference might save lives through the foresighted prediction of aortic dissection.

Giorgi Khomeriki
The motion and emission analysis of relativistic gas of charged particles in the rotating pulsar magnetosphere

Gerard Valentí-Rojas
How to Create a Universe in the Lab

Magdalena Kołodziej
Construction and optimization of scintillator-based particle detectors for the BRAND project

Noah Hardwicke
Monte-Carlo Simulation of a p-n Junction Diode

11:30Diego Fernández Prado
Magnetic Nanostructures as Multimodal Contrast Agents with Biomedical Activity

Giorgi Bakhtadze
Centrifugal acceleration in the isotropic photon field

Christoph Dauer
Controll of Scattering by Time-Periodic Driving

Samuel Borer
Measuring the Cross Section of Charge Current Quasi-Elastic Neutral Hyperons in ArgoNeuT

Robert Rauter
Molecular dynamics study of the vibrational properties of spin-crossover materials

11:45Alexandre Coates
Quantum Effects in Biology - How, Why and What About Noise?

Hannah Dalgleish
Integral field unit spectroscopy and nearby globular clusters

Sonja Gombar
Quantum entanglement and quantum coherence of an XY spin chain with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction

Beatrice Mauri
Noise characterization of Transition Edge Sensors cryogenic microcalorimeters for the neutrino mass measurement

James Kneller
The story of a PhD in Organic Electronics - The building of a Radio Lens

Student Lectures: Session III

Aug 12th, University of Helsinki Main Building

A: Biophysics and chemical physicsB: AstrophysicsC: Theoretical physics / QFTD: Particle physicsE: Materials physics
Hall 6Hall 7Hall 8Hall 10Hall 12
16:00Monika Schied
Molecular motors on Cu(111) studied by scanning tunneling microscopy

Enrico Catalano
Astrobiology and Astrobiotechnology: the state of the art and its future evolution

Dominik Gerstung
Hyperon single-particle and chemical potentials in nuclear matter from SU(3) chiral effective field theory

Oliver Lantwin
How to find new particles we don't know anything about

Sofia Ferreira Teixeira
Bi-Te and Sb-Te Topological Insulator Materials: from first principle calculations towards nanostructures fabircation

16:15Yvonne Zagzag
Monitoring the Kinetics Of Molecular Binding using Holographic Video Microscopy

Domenico Tiziani
A new analysis method for Very High Energy Gamma-ray astronomy

Matteo Broccoli
On the trace anomaly of a Weyl fermion

Balázs Endre Szigeti
Angular Correlations in AMPT

Nils Sommer
Current driven domain wall creation in chiral magnetic nanowires

16:30Rene Hamburger
Water purification with molecular simulations

Ágnes Kis-Tóth
Cosmological Ionized Bubbles

Chiara Signorile-Signorile
Infrared divergences in Perturbative QCD

David Katona
Numerical Simulation of Axionic Strings

Alejandro Fernández Muñoz
Grandma's recipes: UCM nanowires

16:45Marianela Quiros Rojas
Toy model for the structural study of different galaxy redshifts

Rebecca Jolitz
Predicting aurora at Mars using observations from the MAVEN spacecraft

Adrian Solymos
Anyons and the mathematics behind them

Bálint Kurgyis
Three dimensional Bose-Einstein correlations in heavy-ion collisions

Valerio Peri
Axial field induced chiral channels in acoustic Weyl system

17:15Jack Woolley
Photochemistry 101: A physicist's guide

Patrick Jentsch

Alasdair Lennon
Using Quantum Technology in the search for Dark Matter

Andre Sobotta
Ultrashort low emittance electron beams by injection of electron bunches from nano-sized clusters into laser wakefields

Pedro Vianez
Mapping a non-linear Luttinger Liquid using 1D-2D magnetotunelling spectroscopy

17:30Katharina Egenolf
Structural Colours Inspired by Nature

Tamari Meshveliani
Axion Miniclusters: Formation in the Early Universe and Signals in Gravitational Microlensing

Pieter Bouwmeester

Bogdan Butoi
High power lasers and their applications

Biljana Mitreska
In-plane Second Harmonic Wave Generation in Multiband Organic Conductors

17:45Sophie Dvali
Adaptation to Variance of Stimuli in Drosophila Larva Navigation

Giorgi Arsenadze

Sebastián Pereira
How to improve the efficiency of any heat engine

Marta Roman
Extended phase diagram of RNiC2 family

Student posters

P: 1Mikel KumriaThe Physics of Nuclear Reactors
P: 2Ewa GlimosNAA and XRF Study of Archaeological Bronzes
P: 3Fariseu Eduard-FlorinSea water magnesium fuel cell power supply
P: 4Ronja SpeicherRefining the Sampling and Extraction fpr Groundwater Dating with Radiocarbon
P: 5Roshan Kumar MishraApplication of Wavelet Analysis to Study Strong Ground Motion during The Great Gorkha Earthquake, Nepal 2015
P: 6Aleksandra GrudskaiaSearch for quasimonochromatic gravitational signal using pulsar timing methods
P: 7Viola GelliQuasars: a new "standard candle"
P: 8Fraser PikeA breakthrough in exoplanet hunting
P: 9Marko ShuntovCosmological Parameter Estimation Using Monte Carlo Markov Chains
P: 10Marianela Quiros RojasToy model for the structural study of different galaxy redshifts
P: 11Parit MehtaSimulations of nuclear pasta in neutron stars using quantum molecular dynamics
P: 12Ana BaceljStudy of gamma-ray burst (GRB) correlations via a hierarchical Bayesian model
P: 13Lamborghini SoteloHomodyne Detection and Squeezed states of light
P: 14Alessandra BeniThe Bell inequality
P: 15Nemanja MicićInfluence of anisotropy and magnetic field on thermal entanglement in Heisenberg model and thermodynamic analysis of model
P: 16Alexander JonesNumerical Solution of the Schrödinger Equation with a Time-Dependent Potential
P: 18Ajdin PalavrićProbing the Chaotic Behaviour of the Modified Foucault’s Pendulum
P: 20Marc HuwilerA search for the $B^0 \rightarrow D_s^+ D_s^-$ decay using multivariate techniques at LHCb
P: 21Cornel StaicuPlasma Physicist
P: 22Viktor JegesElectron kinetics in low temperature plasmas
P: 23Mirko RossiniCluster versus single-particle hopping in a colloidal model
P: 24Bohdan OpryshkoThe speed of sound in molecular model fluids in the approximation of tight bound hard spheres
P: 25Veronika ShaparStudy of the structure and dynamics of chlorpropamide applied in pharmacology
P: 26Alessandro LupoOptical nanoantennas
P: 27Ielyzaveta ShaparFormation of Textures in the Dried Na-DNA films at Different Concentration of DNA in the System
P: 28Irene GotiOptical spectroscopy of molecular iodine for a new frequency reference at 556nm
P: 29Michał JurkowskiPhase transitions in LaNb$_{1-x}$As$_x$O$_4$ (x = 0.05 to 0.30)
P: 30Michael SonnerMultifractality of wave functions on a Cayley tree: From root to leaves
P: 31Octavian-Gabriel SimionescuThin oxide film deposition by RF magnetron sputtering
P: 32Nikodem StolarczykFirst Comprehensive Dataset Of Beyond-Voigt Line-Shape Parameters From Ab Initio Quantum Scattering Calculations For The HITRAN
P: 33Zama Teodora MariaBasics of Atomic Physics
P: 34Jaroslav DzisevicInfluence of As substitution on the structure of LaNbO4
P: 35Agnieszka WiciakElimination of the ripening process during the preparation of nucleation centers for the growth of Si Nanowires
P: 36Vlad Andrei BasceanuEnhancing the performance of microbial fuel cells (MFCs) with nitrogen-containing carbon nanostructures modified anodes
P: 37Andrew HunterRydberg molecules
P: 38Nuno CaçoiloTuning the magnetic anisotropy in perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions (pMTJ) by means of ion irradiation
P: 39Stuart CraneMolecular Dynamics with a Soft Thermal-Desorption Source
P: 40Maksym RusyniakResearch photovoltaic effect in the structure of squaraine dye and fullerene C60
P: 41Andrea RistoriStimulated emission in microstructured perovskites
P: 42Edwin Alexandru LaszloSimulation and Optical Measurements for Optical Alignment System designed for Space Applications
P: 43Jakub JambrichConstruction of vectorial magneto-optical magnetometer for magnetic nanostructures studies
P: 44Tsotne DadianiLight rings in the falling liquid jet
P: 46Teemu VirtanenStudy of possible relation of intracranial air and postoperative electrode displacement in bilateral DBS.
P: 47Felicia MihaiModulation of the Intracranial High-Frequency Stimulation Waveform
P: 48Cristina - Alexandra ConstantinLuteolin effect against cancer cells
P: 49Loredana MilitaruCouch attenuation impact on VMAT prostate cancer treatments
P: 50Davide RegaldoMulti Electrode Arrays (MEA) to study neuronal networks
P: 51Maja ČičićDiatoms and Drowning – Application of Scanning Electron Microscopy in Forensic Science
P: 52Márton PesztránszkiInteraction of silicon nanostructures in the nervous system.
P: 53Anders FrederiksenFibronectins' adhesion to graphene
P: 54Antti MikkonenIntravascular Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography
P: 55Clemens StilianuConnection of organic semiconductors with neurons

Alumni Presentations

Friday August 10th.
Harald Herlin Learning Centre, Johanna workshop room
16.45Karima El AzharyImproving Energy efficiency and thermal comfort of building located in the poor areas using ecological construction materials

Sunday August 12th
New Student House, Wilhelmsson Hall
Sam HenryPrecision Magnetometry for Particle and Geophysics
Katriina JuvaLife in the abyss – study of cold-water corals
Elias RabelInteroperability of Fortran and Python – Merging old and new
Robin KlaassenBurn down, not out

Sunday August 12th
New Student House, Wilhelmsson Hall
Benjamin FriesModelling in energy economics
Andreea MunteanuAERA and High-Energy Cosmic Rays
Peter van ArkelA physicist's perspective on management consulting

Poster session, Sunday August 12th, 14.00-16.00
University of Helsinki Main Building, 2nd floor (new side)
P: 56Hrvoje VrcanNo order in disorder – a Luttinger liquid story
P: 57D. E. DogaruTopological entities in perovskite oxides
P: 58 Elias RabelInteroperability of Fortran and Python - Merging old and new