IAPS Workshops

10th August 2018 @ 10:30 – 11:30 Europe/Helsinki Timezone
Aalto University Undergraduate Center
Otakaari 1
02150 Espoo
IAPS Workshops @ Aalto University Undergraduate Center | Espoo | Finland

Saving the world with Outreach and Science Communication, Hall Y405

The world – as we know it – is under attack. Fake news is everywhere. So what can we do about it? In this workshop we will explore not only what science communication is, but also why (or why it isn’t) important. Perhaps, “fake news” is an outcome of our failure as scientists, and it is now up to us to rectify this. If we want to save the world, we need to learn how to outreach, and become better science communicators. Then, when we return home we will be better equipped to fight all things fake, and have a new network where we can coordinate across the globe and ultimately, save the world!

How to Become One of the Cool Kids (or: IAPS IT Brainstorming Extraordinaire), Hall Y347
From events to Executive Committee meetings, IAPS is run on different kinds of technological platforms, which include a variety of websites using different databases, a variety of productivity software and solutions, and a whole bunch of good old mailing lists. More or less every year something new is added to the mix, the old systems are updated and refined, and sometimes some IT solutions are dropped for the time being.

The new ideas that are worked on by the IT Manager and the IT subcommittee are usually ideas brought up by IAPS members and different representatives, so for this workshop, we want YOU to come and tell us where IAPS will head next on those series of tubes of the cyberspace known as the internet, and what kind of IT solutions would be helpful for our members (such as electronic voting systems, event registrations systems, etc.).

The workshop will mostly be just casual brainstorming after between the breakfast and lunch on the morning after the Costume Party, so come hang out, BYOB, and let us know what you wish the IT subcommittee to work on the next year.

Fantastic Events and how to PR them, Hall Y313

Workshop on how to organise a large scale physics event, such as excursions, exchanges, national conferences, essentially the events that IAPS has grants set up to support. This will include ideal models of the event and be based on the How to guides including example timetables, how to find funding and promoting. This will be joint with a PR workshop as an event without any PR does not happen at all, being an integral part. This will include best practices for PR, how to use social media etc.

The Future of IAPS, Aalto Hall

IAPS – why are we doing this? Certainly, all of us work in IAPS to some extend for the personal experience and fostering all of our personal networks.

In this workshop we would rather ask the question in a way why are we doing this for IAPS, what last and what results do we want to see within IAPS on the long run. Non-surpassingly enough, we are not the first IAPS generation that thought about this. What most of you might not know, IAPS has indeed a 10-year plan dating back to 2012 and 2015 which is called “Vision and Strategy”.

Therefore, we will spend the first short part of this workshop to (re-)introduce you to the IAPS Vision and Strategy and also to recap how well we fulfil them so far in a quick rating. As a logical consequence, we will discuss following this which of those are still very relevant, which might be more relevant than others and which might be outdated. Further, we might touch quickly whether a 10-year plan even appropriate or should it be rather a 5-year plan that is updated by each AGM?

Finally, and most importantly, we would like to answer the question where we want to find IAPS in 10 years’ time and do we need to implement larger changes for this? Now there would be a good time to do so as our Charter and Regulations are currently under revision and will be proposed to change by the AGM 2019.