ICPS 2018

The Future is made in HEL

After a long wait of 19 years, the International Conference of Physics Students returns to the northernmost location of its history, Helsinki.

The event is held on 8th to 14th of August 2018 and it is organized by Resonanssi and Fyysikkokilta, the physics students association at the University of Helsinki and Aalto University, respectively. This conference of seven days contains guest lectures, student presentations, poster session, excursions laboratories and companies and many kinds of social events during the nights.

The theme of the 2018 conference is changing environments. We bring out state-of-the-art expertise in the fields of envrionmental research and technology. We also challenge each participant to describe how their field of specialization helps us towards the better tomorrow.

Other themes in focus are internationality and bringing forward strengths of each participating student. The participants are given a chance to present a scientific poster or to give a 15 minute student presentation about their field of specialization.

The registratoin is open for all members of IAPS. Check more details about membership and registration here.


The programme of the conference is distributed over seven days, each full day including breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the participants. To counter the scientific events during the days, the nights are reserved for more relaxed social gatherings with varying themes.

Getting to Finland

Plane: 2 hours from Amsterdam
Ferry: 1 day from Lübeck or Stockholm, 2 hours from Tallinn
Car: 16 hours from Warsaw
Train: 13 hours from Moscow

The Helsinki International Airport is located around 15 kilometers to the north from the city centre, where our accommodation and most of the venues are. Train from the airport takes only 30 minutes to the city centre and it costs 5,50€.

There are ferry connections between Helsinki and Tallinn or Stockholm several times a day and they arrive very close to the city centre. There are also connections to other large cities in Baltic, but their schedules are less frequent.

It is also possible to board the ferries with a car, which allows driving from Central Europe in a couple of days.

Moving around Helsinki and the conference venues

Most of the conference venues, such as accommodation, are located in the very center of Helsinki. Even though most of the distances are walkable, we are aiming to provide a public transportatoin ticket to all participants for the whole conference week.  

Most of the conference venues are located within a 1 km radius from the exact centre of Helsinki.

A majority of the scientific programme will be in the City Centre Campus of the University of Helsinki, but we will visit also Otaniemi Campus of the Aalto University and the Kumpula Science Campus of the University of Helsinki.

The evening programme will be split between two nights used for introducing Finnish academic student culture in Otaniemi and enjoying the social events in the city centre of Helsinki on the other nights.


Finland, even Helsinki area is full of interesting excursion destinations. These include the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Nuuksio National Park and many other. The conference includes an excursion day, on which the participants head to locations near Helsinki. See the excursion list below and more detailed information on the excursion page.

  • Nuuksio National Park
  • Helsinki Observatory & Suomenlinna Sea Fortress
  • Archipelago cruise in front of Helsinki
  • Heureka Science Center
  • Helsinki Museum Tour
  • Korkeasaari Zoo


The conference accommodation will be in Omena Hotelli, in rooms shared with four persons. Accommodation is within walking distance from the venues in the city centre. Distance to the other two campuses is around 20 minutes by metro or tram.

Conference Fee

The conference fee is 230 € and it includes all the program, meals and accommodation during the conference week. If you want to arrange your own accommodation during the conference week, the conference fee will be reduced by 50 %.

Tallinn Trip

After the actual conference, the participants have an opportunity to enjoy the company of the fellow physicist one more day by boarding a ferry to Tallinn and back.

The trip leaves Helsinki 10.30 and return 21.30, leaving 7 hours to explore the historical trading center by the Baltic Sea.

The trip costs 60 €, including an extra night’s accommodation in Helsinki on Aug 14th to 15th. Only breakfasts are included in this fee. Without an extra night, the fee for the trip is 30 €. euros.