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Accepted as a poster
in Poster Session A
in Floor 1 on March 5th, 16:00


Markku Alho1, Esa Kallio1, Riku Järvinen1,2
1 Aalto University
2 Finnish Meteorological Institute

The novel and accessible consumer-grade virtual and augmented reality technologies enable immersive experiences in three-dimensional space. Taking advantage of these technologies, we have developed outreach and education software for virtual environments to engage with both the public and students on space physics topics.

The immersive technologies are especially suited for exploration of three-dimensional structures, such as plasma flows and magnetic field in space physics. The Aalto Virtual Planetarium demonstrates space research activities that involve Aalto University, including: visualizations of plasma physics simulations of the Sun and inner Solar System bodies (presently: Mercury, Venus, Earth and the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko); space probes and missions (Rosetta, BepiColombo, Suomi100); heliospheric structure; and the Solar System to scale. The user can move and scale freely in the Solar System, from towering over the ecliptic down to visiting the Philae lander in 1:1 scale on the surface of 67P. Pre-set tour points with virtual posters provide descriptions of objects and phenomena in their natural context.

The Virtual Planetarium viewing sessions will be given during the conference, with showtimes specified later.

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