Welcome to Finland

Helsinki, the northernmost city ICPS has ever been hosted in, is one of the coldest capitals in the world. However ICPS will be held during the summer which right now feels so far away – there’s a snowstorm raging outside the library window as I’m writing this in my soaking wet clothes. I would have needed some extra layers today, but you don’t have to worry about that (hopefully) when you arrive in Helsinki in August. 
Finland is a country of extremes, right now we are entering the time where there are only a few hours of sunlight, but during the midsummer Finns barely get any sleep with the sun shining through the night.

This ICPS we chose to focus on environmental issues. We hope each and every participant will challenge themselves to think how can they better the world with science. The Faculty of Science at the University of Helsinki researches many of the aspects that comprise climate change and is home to some of the leading atmospheric research in the world. We will get to hear the thoughts of the most cited geophysicist and the name in atmospheric science Markku Kulmala on the large questions that are facing our globe. More about professor Kulmala and his achievements in the next newsletter!

Tervetuloa Suomeen! (Welcome to Finland!)