World’s leading atmospheric scientist, Markku Kulmala

We are proud to present…

..the world’s leading atmospheric scientist Markku Kulmala.

Professor Kulmala , who is one of our guest speakers, researches the quality of the atmosphere extensively, but the focal point is atmospheric particulates and the interactions between ecosystems and the atmosphere. His work helps us understand and fight climate change. Even though Kulmala himself is first and foremost a physicist and his atmospheric research is heavily physics based, collaboration with other branches of science is what makes his work so successful.

Kulmala obtained his doctorate in physics in 1988 at the University of Helsinki, has published nearly 1000 papers and has been the most cited researcher in the geosciences for 7 consecutive years. Kulmala is director of the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research at the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Science, where they research atmospheric phenomenons that range from nanometric to global scales. This research is very international and multidisciplinary. Kulmala and his group have founded SMEAR stations – stations that measure relations between the earth’s surface and the atmosphere with great accuracy – in Finland and they are working on having them all over the world. He is also participating in solving air quality problems in China.

Kulmala’s work has a crucial impact on our environment and we can fairly say that he is using science to make the world a better place.

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